What took place in 2014 regarding vaccinations, the CDC and our rights.

vision boardThis year was a crazy year for me, I started out by celebrating my book release, A Unique Life fully Lived. When I asked Lorrin for guidance on how to go forward she of course said, “Mom go big or go home!” So I hired a publicist and I traveled all around the US talking to families, television stations and book stores to promote my book. My heart has always been with all families of unique children, but of course, I find myself talking about vaccines and sharing information which a large number of people are just not aware of.

When I took Lorrin in for her vaccinations, I believed I was doing the right thing and I trusted my doctor. I researched her stroller and car seat to make sure my baby was safe, but I never questioned the vaccine schedule. Twenty years later, I am a lot more educated.

Parents need to understand and educate themselves on some very important facts:

  1.   Vaccines are made with – aborted fetal tissue (human DNA), aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and MSG. Please go online and read the manufacture inserts. Here is a link to Johns Hopkins – Institute for Vaccine Safety Package Inserts – http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/package_inserts.htm
  2.   The current vaccine schedule requires at the 6-month well baby check up 9 vaccines at once including the flu shot. This vaccine schedule has never been tested. They have been tested separately, but there is no research when combined.
  3.   The US has the highest vaccine schedule and one of the highest infant mortality rates; we fall behind 33 other developed nations regarding infant mortality (the death rate for children under the age of 2). We are ranked behind 78 other nations for infants who die within the first 24 hours of life.
  4.   The CDC states that 1 in 2 children has chronic illness which includes, Autism, Autism spectrum disorders, allergies, Seizures, asthma, obesity, diabetes, etc.
  5.   The only education that doctors receive from medical school is how to give vaccines according to the CDC schedule. They are not educated on vaccine ingredients or what a vaccine injury looks like.
  6.   The CDC regulates the safety of the vaccine policy and the vaccine schedule. The CDC is supported by over 11 billion taxpayer dollars. The federal government takes 75 cents from each vaccine given. This is called Excise Tax. For each single vaccine given they receive .75 cents and $2.25 for a combination vaccine such as the MMR. This money is used to pay for “Vaccine Court” which protects the drug companies’ and the doctors from being sued by the injured party. BUT, they also take a 25% administration fee and that amount is put into the US general fund used to fight wars or whatever they see fit. “The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” (VICP), was created in 1986 to support families who have been vaccine injured. My daughter Lorrin was compensated by the VICP.
  7.   The National Institute of Health owned a piece of the development of the Gardasil vaccine. Then Merck bought the vaccine patent. Now, the CDC promotes giving it. Many are concerned that we have our federal government making money off promoting vaccines. When they should be reviewing the safety of vaccines. Ideally you would think that the CDC would not be able to become partners with the corporations it is set up to study. That is what is often referred to as, “The fox guarding the hen house.”
  8.   The best thing that I can do is to share my story of how I was treated by Human & Health Services, after they had immediately agreed that Lorrin was vaccine injured. The lot from which her vaccination came had 30 reports of seizures or worse and 10 surrounding deaths. It took 3 years to settle on the amount that my daughter’s life was worth. My family did not receive due process (to have a judge and jury). Vaccine court is the only court in the US that denies due process. If Lorrin took a “Hit for the team, or for the greater good”, she should have been treated like a hero.

Earlier in the year the statistics came out stating that 1 in 68 children has an Autism diagnosis. This was brushed over in mainstream media. What most people don’t’ understand is that 1 in 68 is an understated figure, because it omits children who are under the age of twelve. A more accurate estimate based on the yearly rate of increase at 13% (per CDC) to their 1 in 68 number from 2014, extrapolated out actually comes out for 2014 to an alarming 1 in 21 for three- year-olds having Autism or Autism like behaviors and a 1 in 18 for two-year-old babies. We as a people should all be concerned. This affects all of us in every way. The projection is that in 2025, 1 in 2, that is half of our children with have an Autism diagnosis.

We also all need to be aware that our government is trying to make vaccinations mandatory in all states. We need to keep our focus and stay strong regarding this very important issue –

I drove down to Santa Maria, California and stood on the corner with Candyce Estave  holding signs that said, “No Shots No School….Not True!”. This is a huge campaign started by Marcella Piper-Terry with VaxTruth.org. I strongly encourage parents to educate themselves on their exemption rights. Each state has different exemption laws. Currently there are two states, Mississippi, and West Virginia that only allow medical exemptions. In all other states you can sign a religious and or philosophical exemption. But our government is trying to take that right away from us.

Another huge concern that I am not sure many people know, has recently taken place in California; Children 12-18 can be vaccinated for sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ permission. They cannot get a library card but they can go in and receive a vaccination without the consent of their parents. There have been many reports that children are being bullied when going into the schools nurses office for other reasons. They are being told, “If you have sex you will get cancer and die, in an effort to push the Gardasil vaccination. If a child has a reaction to the vaccine and their parents have no idea that it was given, how can we properly care for our children? This entire subject scares me. Please take a moment and google “Gardasil injuries” and see how many of our girls have been injured by this vaccine.

In late August I was traumatized by the CDC whistleblower events. I like many others, waited each day to see what would come of this

On August 27, 2014, Dr. Thompson who worked as a CDC scientist for 16 years issued a statement that he and his and his coworkers changed statistically important data which showed that African American males had a 240% higher increase in the risk of Autism when given the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age. To make this data look more favorably they pulled every child out of the study who didn’t have a valid Georgia birth certificate. That then reduced the African American population in the study group by 41%.  It weakened the analysis so the results were no longer significant. Not only have millions of African American boys been at risk for getting Autism, but we also have lost 10 years of research.

This story blew up in “my” community of vaccine-injured families. Why do I think that these statistics are covered up? One word, Money. There is much money being made at the expense of our children. I am outraged. I have known that we are being lied to for many years, since my experience with the vaccine injury compensation program. The fact that this has not been in the mainstream media every day since this statement was made is extremely disturbing. It shows just how much money is controlling our news. If you watch television it would be hard not to notice that the majority of adds are pharmaceutical related products.

Please parents do the work! Educate yourself. One way is to read the manufactures inserts and learn about what is in the vaccination. Most people spend more time researching a purchase of a cell phone than they research what they are putting into vaccines?

I encourage parents to ask, “Does my baby need a HepB vaccine on the day that they are born?” Expectant mothers need to educate and be prepared before they go to the delivery room. The best parent is an informed parent. Vaccines are medical procedures. There are no medical procedures that are safe for all people. You have the right to say no. If a doctor or nurse, regarding any medical procedure, threatens or coheres you, you should report them to the medical ethics state board. It is illegal to threaten, bully and fear monger you into a medical procedure.

I refer you to VaxTruth.org

It was 20 years ago that Lorrin received her one and only DPT vaccine. She had a 5 minute seizure two hours after that vaccine and another 5 minute seizure two hours after that. On that day my life changed forever. Every day for the rest of her life, she had seizures. Her brain was severely damaged. I started writing, journaling to keep notes about what was happening and I just continued. I was broken and writing was a way to process what was happening to my life. At the time I felt that something extra-ordinary was happening. Lorrin was a powerful teacher and life lessons were coming from all directions.

Lorrin was more than a vaccine-injured child; she was a blond haired blue eyed Pisces. She had a wicked sense of humor and loved to shop and eat chocolate. She had friendships and was loved by many. The book is about truly living life and enjoying what is. It is a love story.

I am sure that I am healing as I travel around the US talking to families of children who are unique. I was so alone in 94, without the Internet and without parental support. As I was going through my “Dark night of the soul(s)”, I knew back then that some day I would share my story and help others. If I can survive all that has happened to me and still find the joy in life, then I can give others hope. I believe that Lorrin was perfect the way she was, she had so much to teach and could have never done that in a healthy body. I feel that she is, and was a wise woman full of courage; who came here and sacrificed so much to teach those who will listen. Lorrin has completed her soul commitment and now it is time for me to do my part.

The most important messages that I share with parents, is to firstly take care of yourself. Mother’s especially give up everything for their children, I did that. I became exhausted and when I was tired it was really hard to make life and death decisions. When I took care of myself I was better able to care for Lorrin and be available to make those important decisions with clarity. Taking care of your spirit is one of the big lessons our children have come here to teach us. I also believe that each soul is important no matter their ability. By accepting our children with all their adversities and seeing the beauty in them and not focusing on the lack, there is much joy to be had. Lorrin never walked or talked but almost 5 years after her death we are still talking about her. It is a great honor to be her mother.

As this year comes to an end I am getting ready for 2015. I will be at Autism One in Chicago in May and am grateful to be at all The Abilities Expos. My priority will be to take care of myself and share as much information as I can with families so their children can grow up the old fashioned way….healthy!


The scientist Dr. Thompson articles are referred to as The CDC Whistleblower articles:  https://sites.google.com/site/cdcwhistleblower/news-and-links



Please read – The Big Autism Cover Up by Anne Dachel.

To learn more about vaccine court, Wayne Rohde has a new book, “The Vaccine Court”


To learn more about the relationship with the CDC and other corporations please read, “Who Owns the Science”, by Bobby Dee. http://www.livingwhole.org/who-owns-the-science/


















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