Is My Child Smart Or Healthy?

I recently spent some quality time with my friend Jane and her 2 ½ year old son.  He impressed me with his ability to memorize, comprehend, and articulate. I would certainly consider him to be above average. I wasn’t the only one who noticed, everywhere we went she received comments similar to, “Wow!  He is really smart.”  Jane and I talk often about health, wellness and vaccines.  She frankly asked, “I wonder if he is really smart or just healthy?”

This adorable young lad, who I will refer to as Jake, has never had a vaccination. The entire family is gluten free and eats an organic diet. Jake is still breast fed, he watches zero television (only selected movies) and gets what I would consider to be above and beyond love and attention at home. Jake’s play time is spent putting together and pulling apart Lego toys, one to one time, listening to classical and age appropriate music and is read to daily. Is Jake above average or is he one of the few babies, in this day and age, who is raised in a healthy lifestyle?

I told Jane that I thought she had dodged a bullet; she and her husband have allergies and are very sensitive to medications. Their commitment to making sure that Jake has a toxic free life as possible started way before birth.

As the vaccine war continues, doctors, HHS, CDC and the media all tell us that vaccines don’t cause harm. They also share statistics which state 53% of our children have some type of chronic illness, such as: allergies, asthma, seizures, diabetes and we can’t forget AUTISM! I am not exactly sure where Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) fits into all of this.

I travel around the US speaking to families who are Living a Unique Life Experience, and I hear the same two things: My child was fine until his/her vaccination or my child has a rare disease. Just yesterday, I was shopping at a children’s second hand store and a mother of a 1-year-old baby boy was on the phone to her doctor’s office, regarding her child’s prescription. She needed official paperwork in order to attend day care. It sounded almost as though she was proud of the fact that she was giving her son meds. I realize as I write this that I am judging, but it certainly made me think about how many US citizens are on some type of medication. Doctors have no problem prescribing medication to infants, at the same time advising parents not to feed any kind of solid food due to their digestive system being not fully developed. No bananas for our babies, but lets give them 8 shots at once, which are full of: diseases, aborted fetal tissue, mercury, formaldehyde and God knows what else. Parents are also encouraged to give their infants canned formula instead of breast-feeding. Are we dummied up? You don’t have to do much research to learn that when you microwave food it destroys the nutritional value.

We live in a fast paced society and our kids are suffering. If kids are lucky enough to have two parents living in the home, they are usually both working. I am concerned for our children and their future. Our health is not being put first. Instead of keeping fit and eating healthily we take pills. We are treating symptoms but not the cause.  Are vaccinations, television, packaged food, sugars, gluten, GMO’s and hormones in our food responsible for making kids numb and dumb? It takes time and money to filter out these poisons but parents are paying one way or another, aren’t they?  I know many parents who have kids with Autism that easily spend $64,000, a year if not more to recover their children (to get the toxins out of their bodies).

Parents, I am not blaming you for vaccinating. I did it. I am also NOT saying that vaccine injured kids are not smart, they are. Lorrin, was incredibly smart; she had a wicked sense of humor that most missed, because she was stuck living in a body with severe brain damage. I remember when she was 13, during physical therapy we tried to teach her how to give the middle finger, as age appropriate expressive language, right? She tried and tried with great effort to straighten her tiny curled finger with no success.  We finally settled on her giving what we liked to call the, “one eye” she would wink one of her baby blues with a rotten teenage smirk, we all knew exactly what she meant. After all, everyone wants to cuss their parents, at least once. As far as I know she only did it to a selected few and me. Lorrin was a joker and that takes intelligence.

I am NOT blaming parents, I know they are angry and feel guilty that they vaccinated their babies.  Many feel as though they let them down and are responsible for the challenges that they will live with for the rest of their lives. I certainly would love to see a study that compares the health and wellness of vaccinated V’s non vaccinated children.  Looking at their ability to focus, learning, motor skills, comprehension and retention.

I admit that I sometimes think that all children are disabled; it is the crowd that I run with. I have not been a parent of a healthy child. I am very proud of my nieces and nephew who have made informed decisions on what they put into their children. I do know when I sit next to my great nephew, who is not vaccinated he does not stop talking; he is funnier and more creative than most adults I know, and thinks out of the box. Just the fact that he is a boy puts him at a huge risk for having Autism.