Show Me The Data!

My name is Karen Kain, I am a witness to vaccine injury. My daughter Lorrin Danielle Kain was born healthy, but was injured and died in California from a “Hot” DPT vaccination, given to her on April 27th 1994. We settled with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in 1998. Lorrin died in my arms December 22, 2009. Today, one day after Governor Brown signed SB277, my heart revisits the helpless and hopeless feelings from 21 years ago. I was isolated and alone back in 1994 without the Internet and overwhelmed with feelings of grief, rage and fear for the future of my daughter. I do advocacy work to support all vaccine-injured families. I know the reality of how families navigate through life after vaccine injury, or should I say survive.IMG_2495

The good news is, that across the country pro health communities are uniting and we are strong. We will not go away. SB277 has provoked a powerful gathering of parents, doctors, advocates and those living with vaccine injury allowing them a platform and a voice to discuss vaccine safety, the unethics of administering an untested schedule, and how those injured for the greater good in the war against infection are marginalized, ignored for their sacrifice, and left to fend for themselves. Never before has this discussion been so open to the community. It is not only about my story of vaccine injury, but thousands are coming forward to share their experience. Every single injury no matter how large or small is important and must be held up for all to see.

I want to ask one question to Governor Brown, “Where is the data?” There is no science comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children, the only way to make any ethical claims about safety and risk. How can you sign a bill forcing children to be vaccinated when there is no data or science to support the true risk associated with the vaccine schedule? There has never been a study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. How can you tell Californians that vaccines are safe without data to make such a comparison? How can you sign this bill without this information? All parents want the same thing, to raise healthy and happy children. We are on the same side of the fence we just need more information to make medical decisions. Why would you take away the basic individual human right of medical autonomy and ethical informed consent based upon a policy of deliberate ignorance?

Further more, how can doctors ethically offer the vaccine schedule to vulnerable children when they do not have even the most basic science to inform their patients of potential risk and possible harm? Each doctor has a duty to the individual patient. If doctors don’t know the true risks, how can they ethically offer vaccines to the patient? I understand that many of the elderly doctors base their opinions from a long standing emotional history of holding dying babies in their arms from disease, however, they do not witness first hand what families living with Autism go through. Most doctors’ share a few moments with patients and move on to treat the next, never experiencing the true reality of Autism. Sure, there are a few heroes like Dr. Wakefield who could have turned his back on the vaccine injured community, but he is just that; a hero, a one in a million kind of person.

Every drug that is prescribed by a doctor has several studies comparing the proposed intervention to placebo. It is the oath of every medical doctor to practice ethical medicine. Without a study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children how can doctors give vaccines or tell parents to vaccinate their children? Without the science how dare they try force us to accept and receive a medical procedure.

It is the ethical burden upon the industry and government to determine the true risk associated with the vaccine schedule, not the burden of questioning parents to prove that they are unsafe. This dirty little secret that the CDC is keeping, regarding the true risk for Autism and other adverse events from vaccines is just not acceptable. I demand a study of the two groups of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

Parents, I ask you to stand tall and ask for honest science and  “greener” vaccines, without the mercury and aluminum. Demand that we modify the vaccine schedule to be more aligned with the risks to individual children with varying susceptibilities. There is no shortage of alternative schedule ideas. We must be proactive and we must protect the health of our children. Right now the US has the most extensive vaccine schedule, second only to South Korea; South Korea’s Autism rate is 1 in 38.

Governor Brown has given us all an opportunity to unite, support the health of our children, share our stories of vaccine injury, and demand that true science be done, and the right to medical autonomy be preserved so that we as a people can make informed decisions about medical procedures. Americans have always had the right to refuse a medical procedure until now. We must be informed on the risk before we are asked to consent. We cannot discuss mandates of vaccines without having truly ethical information, it is complete nonsense that we are forced as parents to experiment with our children’s health. We must keep asking questions and demand comparisons regarding the chronic illness of children who are vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. Until we get this study we cannot accept this mandate.

I am sharing with you Dr. King’s article from October 24, 2013 titled “Expert Q & A: Childhood Vaccine Safety”

This is a large and informative paper. I encourage you to go to the footnote 26 and click on the link to see the actual CDC document, an abstract submitted for publication, which was never released, listing the causation risk.

Thank you James A. Moody, Esq., for your support on sharing this information.