Happy Mother’s Day Thinkers

1234243_10201987692036928_1958819426_nWho over 40 hasn’t heard their elders say at least once, “When I was young I walked two miles in the snow, up hill to get to school?”  Yes, we can all relate to a time when things were tougher. I can’t help but wonder how moms are surviving in today’s society with all the pressures regarding children’s health. The CDC states that 53% of US children have chronic illness, 1 in 68 children have Autism; diabetes and peanut allergies are on the rise. Many of us believe that the vaccine schedule plays a huge role in making our babies sick. How do mother’s do it?

Recently my friend was kicked out of 3 different pediatrician offices for choosing to delay the vaccine schedule for her one year old. The third office she was kicked out of recommended that she quit breast-feeding and give her daughter cows milk. Today pediatricians are also strongly suggesting that anyone near a newborn be vaccinated. This new trend is referred to as the “cocoon” effect. It is creating some serous breakdowns between mother/daughter/grandmother relationships.

Our kids are sick, mothers are worried and any one questioning the vaccine schedule is labeled a “crazy” person. Actually, we like to be referred to as Thinkers. Thanks to The Thinking Mom’s Revolution we have united, and are choosing to not vaccinate. We are also choosing alternative diets, eliminating gluten, GMO’s, and quit going to the pediatrician. It is a sad time when we just can’t trust doctors. We have had numerous reports of nurses trying to sneak vaccines into babies, without parental consent. Healthcare workers are being forced to vaccinate or lose their jobs.

My niece simply stated, “If I am not vaccinating my baby there is no point in going to see the doctor, there are too many germs there.” I have to admit it makes me a bit nervous that moms are afraid to go to the pediatrician’s office. I lived there. Lorrin was not vaccinated by the pediatrician who took care of her for 14 years. Doctor “K” and I got pretty close during Lorrin’s numerous visits. I am grateful that he listened to me and we could agree to disagree on the issue of vaccinations. He told me that, “I always listen to the mother.”  I know for a fact that Lorrin would have died long ago without his amazing care. It weighs heavy on my mind that; newborns, infants and young children are not being seen by a doctor. One thinker told me, “The doctors are just not listening”.  I hear time and time again the same story, “I took my baby in and after the vaccination he/she was sick. The doctor told me that it was normal and prescribed antibiotics and then another round of vaccinations, and then another. This happens over and over until the child becomes allergic, chronically ill and or diagnosed with Autism.”

In The Thinking Mom’s Revolution book they give a shout out to Mark Zuckerberg for the wonderful gift of Facebook. Here we share, compare and connect. Parents are not alone or isolated. Their stories are not rare, it is the same one over and over.  We unite, lift each other up when we are down and celebrate life no matter our kid’s abilities. Together we will make change and educate so this travesty will no longer be what society deems acceptable. Pediatricians need to be aware. Mothers I want to hold you up on this Mother’s Day and celebrate you and your beautiful children. Our voices will be heard. Happy Mother’s Day Thinkers.