000_Untitled10001409_10202586032910915_1916414611440058478_nThe beautiful thing about mothers who have been shunned by society is that they become creative. Without rules we tend to make up our own. Who knew two years ago when I met Candyce Estave & Marcella Piper-Terry that I would  be rallying together with these awesome moms to raise awareness for our children and their parents.

Truth be told, when Lorrin was alive I used to tell people educate before you vaccinate, break up the vaccines and give them separately. But since her death, almost five years ago, I see and hear the same story over and over about vaccine injury. Now, I tell parents to breast feed and keep all the toxins out of their babies for as long as possible. That means all toxins, GMO’s, red dye and lets not forget the poisonous sugar.

Marcella’s daughter Rachel was vaccine injured as a child twenty years ago. She was labeled with many different names. Thankfully she fully recovered through bi0-medical treatment. When Rachel was 15 she was bitten by a spider and her mom was bullied into giving her a tetanus vaccination. Marcella didn’t know that what she was agreeing to give her daughter was actually the TDaP which was  full of milk proteins which Rachel is allergic to. Only hours after the vaccine Rachel almost died. Since then many of her symptoms returned from her early childhood. It really angered Marcella when she saw all the pressure coming from the schools stating that parents HAD to vaccinate. She called the local paper in her area and wanted them to print the facts about vaccinations. She was totally denied. Then Marcella became creative, she decided to post a billboard in her area that stated the truth about vaccines and a link to where parents could obtain more information.

What started to be a simple idea has blown up into a huge campaign. The first billboard posted was raised by parents donations via Facebook and dedicated to a boy who recently died from vaccine injury. The universe was supporting this message in many ways. Please go to to read the entire billboards and Rachels story.  

Candyce Estave, a mother of two beautiful children, who’s son was injured by vaccinations, remembers knowing in her gut it was wrong to vaccinate, so she asked her best friend to help hold him down while her doctor gave him his shots. At 17 months of age her beautiful baby boy lost his language, stopped kissing and cuddling and started lining up his toys in a row. She admits being in denial for a while until her family told her that there was something terribly wrong.002_VaxTruth_LosAngelesBillboard_April2012A few months ago, Candyce stood on her street corner in Santa Maria holding signs with other parents to get the truth about vaccine rights out to parents. I saw this and called her to say, “I want to stand on the corner with you!” I am proud to say that this campaign is becoming a grass roots movement to educate. You won’t see this type of information on the television because we all know who owns the TV. You don’t have to watch very long until you see a Viagra, Tylenol or some type of drug commercial. As I mentioned before, today’s moms are clever and creative, we are not going away and we will tell our truth to anyone who will listen, in the hope that this information will go some way to saving our precious babies and their families from injury.

I am very excited to go to Santa Maria and stand on the corner. Like all other grass movements this one is free and intended to educate parents. The CDC states that 53% of our children has some type of chronic illness. That is one in two! We all need to be concerned about the Autism rates, infant mortality rates and diabetes to name a few. Our kids are sick and we need to stop this. I encourage you to educate yourself and share this information with as many people who will listen.


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When: Friday July 18, 2014 from 3-500 pm

Where: Corner of Main Street and Miller in Santa Maria, CA 93454






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