Happy New Year!

I am so excited about 2013!

I am still feeling excitement from my first Abilities Expo Singapore trip in November 2012. It was an honor to be invited to Singapore to talk to families who are living a unique life experience. This invitation is important to me because my goals for 2012 were set early on.   As I focus on setting my goals for 2013, I know that I need to keep my intention on what I want to draw into my life.  I set out 2012 totally committed to helping families and doing my best, giving 100%.  My vision was to help families; and my focus was to do it via the Abilities Expo.  My commitment was to speak at every Abilities Expo in the US.  I did just that.  My gift was to be invited to the first Abilities Expo  in Singapore.  Here is a small piece of what I experienced in Singapore.

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