Crimes Against Humanity



It was 20 years ago this summer, I was sat in Los Angeles Children’s Hospital with my daughter Lorrin, across from a top pediatric brain surgeon, talking about her future. There was no surgery option available for Lorrin –  her entire brain was damaged. Only five months old, she slept silently, drugged up on Phenobarbital and Dilantin. How could I ever know in her near future that she would be prescribed as many as seven anti-seizure medications at once? She was not making any childhood gains; her lifeless body would only move during one of her 5-minute grand mal seizures. The doctor stood up, showing me he was finished with our conversation as he stated, “We will never find a cure for your daughter because they will never admit that it happens.”

Living my life as a white female raised in a middle class home gave me a false protection from Crimes Against Humanity. Who would ever think that that attack would come from a routine wellness visit as Lorrin was given her one and only DPT vaccine? On April 27, 1994, Lorrin was administered a ‘HOT’ lot. A vaccine full of mercury, it attacked her brain. Within two hours Lorrin had a 5-minute seizure and our lives changed forever.

Back in 1994, before the advent of the internet, I was literally all alone. My husband and I had stopped talking soon after Lorrin’s vaccine injury. I was not going to go home and share this new bit of news; it was filed in the back of my head and heart with all the other things that I was told by doctors. I was not then and am still not a scientist, or have the slightest interest in anything medical. I hate the sight of blood to this day. But I somehow managed to give shots, place urine catheters, change pic line dressings, replace G-tubes, suction her trachea, and give all kinds of vision, OT, PT therapies. I stood by Lorrin’s side watching her almost die – countless times. Dr. John Menkes told me when Lorrin was only one year old, “One day you will wake up and she will be dead.” I love Dr. Menkes, he is one of the only doctors who talked to me about the reality of vaccine injury. He came on board to support our case against HHS, Human Health Services. He was a brilliant and caring man and doctor. Lorrin and I literally lived in the hospital and so I saw him often, every day at times. I also considered him a friend.

For years I was alone in my caring for Lorrin. At times I would hear people share their tales of vaccine injuries; “my son couldn’t walk for days after his vaccine” or “my child lost speech, lost hearing” and so on. I learned of a few stories of parents who had children like Lorrin but we were on our own never to be connected. That is exactly how the HHS wanted it.

This last week after Dr. Brian Hooker exposed the CDC for covering up that the MMR vaccine, when given to African American boys on schedule increases the rate of Autism by 340% has paralyzed me. I, like many other families am not shocked; we all know that we are being lied to. The sad truth is that each day that these truths are hidden, is another day that a child looses their future and sometimes their lives. Parents are left to pick up the pieces of their broken families doing all that they can to keep their sanity whilst dying inside. Families are financially ruined, divorced, some turning to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to silent their minds from the inner madness, guilt and worry for their child’s future. Thank God for the Internet.

Each of us has an important story to tell. Our truths need to be told. I travel all over the country and I hear the same story: I told the doctor something was wrong after the first round of vaccinations and they didn’t listen. So we gave another round followed by antibiotics. To top it off, parents are told to give Tylenol after vaccines are given. Tylenol depletes glutathione, which is needed to detoxify poisons. A recipe for disaster.

I could sit by Lorrin’s side watching her have a huge seizure lasting for 5 minutes or longer and eat a sandwich. When I would watch one of my friend’s kids have a seizure, I would crumble. I am numb to what happened to my daughter, I guess you could say that is the survival instinct. Now, 20 years later and five years after Lorrin’s death, the numbers of children who are vaccine injured is staggering, it breaks my heart.

As I write this I am like all those other parents addicted to the Internet waiting for this news to break into the media channels. In only hours,  CNN’s iReport has received thousands of hits. In only days, there were 404,432k views and 124K shares. I wonder how many more children need to suffer? I think of all the vaccine-injured families and know that there is strength in our numbers. Each of us bringing critical gifts to the table – scientists, lawyers, writers, and speakers coming forward with our individual stories. Our voices are strong and we are not going away. What happened to Lorrin 20 years ago was criminal and the fact that since that time thousands of children have had crimes committed against them is just outrageous! For the love of my daughter and all the children before her, currently and who will be injured, I share our story and fight this fight.

Our prayers and voices will be heard and justice will prevail.

Me & Lo 

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