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Alexis Brooks – It was an absolute pleasure to talk to you (and Lorrin) today!   Lorrin’s message to Karen (A “Retro-Message”) *When this came through last night, it was as if she was speaking from the “past” while still here on this physical plane.“My eyes are fixed to the heavens because that’s where I am and that’s where I came from. I had to stay focused there.  I had to be there AND here to bridge the two. My heart is in the heavens – in the stars – in the skies. That’s why my eyes are fixated that way. Follow my gaze.  Follow my heart.  Let me guide you toward that which I see. Then you will know for yourself what heaven is, and what I came to show you. And then you will no longer need my gaze – for you will know on your own.”  –  Love, Lorrin

Karen S. Wands – Thanks for sending her over to us, she was very inspirational and I feel as if we met a walking angel! Karen S. Wands, Planning Editor for “You & Me This Morning”

Karen Hager – Thank you so much for being a guest on the show today. I love your energy and your message, and am grateful for your work in the world. You’re welcome back any time! Karen Hager with “Out of the Fog” Radio.

Lee Chapin – I want to thank Karen for being a guest on my show. It was a great interview and I enjoyed interviewing her as she is a special soul with such love and courage in her heart to help others to understand the power of the souls journey. It was my honor to have her as my guest”.

Crystal Conroy – Thank you for all you do! One can’t imagine being sooooo inspired by hearing someone speak their story, but I was. By you. Xoxo!”

David Lee – I wanted to take a moment to say how touched I was with your daughter’s life and story.  I was so inspired by your talk and want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing.  I especially like your perspective of how you changed.  I believe that is the real story, maybe it is just me but I wish I would have understood some of your points when my kids were young, “any” parent would benefit from your story.  I am sure you have heard this from other people but I wanted to say it as well. God Bless, and keep rolling!!!!

Chelsie Hill – Thank you Karen for this amazing book.. I can’t stop reading! Your amazing journey the last 15years has kept me company on my long journey back to California. Talk about a love that a mother can have. You are truly amazing with what you have been through. It’s crazy I met you 4 years ago and see you now and how YOU are truly an inspiration! I highly suggest people get this book, you don’t have to have a kid who’s injured, you don’t have to be in the medical world. If you have a heart.. This is your book! 

Shannon Barbeau Strayhorn – WOW! Karen Kain, just thank you. You are AMAZING. If any of you do not know this woman and her daughter’s story, YOU NEED TO. Get your hands on her book because it is truly powerful.

Nancy Joy Hefrom – Just finished your book. I cried. I felt. I laughed and I understood. Thank you Karen and the amazing soul that is Lorrin! This sharing changes the world.

Brittney Bayer – I just got home and wanted to just read the prologue but I found myself not able to put your book down. I read the entire book. I am so proud of you! Not in the corny Hallmark way but truly my life is forever changed by yours and Lorrin’s inspiration. I owe so much to you both, I could not imagine the person I would be without you both. I love you! – Lorrin’s cousin.

Michelle Nephew Lane – Karen, your lecture last night was so amazing. I have been sharing it with people today. And what I keep getting asked is, are you going to be doing another in the area again…. We’ll chat…… you are doing amazing work and spreading truth. LOVE YOU!!!

Kelsy Jean Page – So I just finished the amazing book “unique life fully lived” written by the incredible Karen Kain. Let me tell ya I’ve never laughed happycried/cried so much with any book I’m blessed to have Kare-bear in my life my Lo-bug will always be a part of me Kare you did an amazing job as her mom & on this book I love you so much. P.s to anyone who reads the book I assure you it’s worth reading & make sure you have a lot of tissue on hand when’ll definitely need it.

Dwayne Zot – Have been reading Karen Kain‘s book since the LA Abilities Expo and it’s so honest and raw! It reminds me of Jackson Pollocks Lavender Mist. Thank you Karen and Lorrin for sharing.

Janette Knudson – Your book is compelling, raw, inspiring, painful, poignant, important, real, human, necessary, lovely… Thank you for sharing your journey

Lori Goodman Black – This book is so good – I’m on chapter 27 and having a very hard time putting it down. Reading this book has made me realize that my so called problems are so petty compared to what this mother has been through . . . it’s opening my eyes to appreciate everything in life and to realize just how EASY I really have it! I also realize now that I don’t want to take anything for granted and that everything – even something as simple as watching the wind blow – should be admired and cherished . . . loving this book and I have such admiration for this mother . . . God bless her!

Shelly Mclain – I’m on chapter 20! Have to say I’ve loved every word of it so far. I was wondering if since I am not a mother if I would really relate to it, but I can say this is so much more then just the story of a mother and daughter.

Roy Richards – Thanks a million for taking time out from your busy schedule yesterday to record the interview for my program ‘Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age’. The story of your charming heroine Lorrin was far-and-away one of the most inspiring interviews we’ve ever had.

Rhonda Chapple – I cannot put Into words how amazing your book was….it was a page turner that I found hard to put down. The love, courage and inspiration you will bring to many in telling your story is nothing short of admirable. It was beautifully written with facts and raw truth and I thank you for taking the time to let us all in on your journey as well as educating us on the truths of vaccines. Love you.

Patti Carroll – I was reading “A Unique Life Fully Lived” last night, and burst out crying realizing it was 20 years ago to the day that Lorrin Kain suffered her devastating vaccine injury. If anyone wants to know what families really go through when their child is harmed or killed by a vaccine, you must read this book. And remember that Karen Kain was supposedly one of the “lucky” ones, because she did receive some monetary compensation for what a vaccine did to her baby.

Jim Justice – I just finished your book…I truly admire your strength.

Julie Plettner – I had the great pleasure of meeting Karen Kain a few years ago at an autism one conference. You can’t help but be drawn to Karen she has this amazing energy that no words can even begin to describe! Before I met Karen I was quite the pity mommy. Not anymore!

From one awesome mom Cyndie – I had to share this pic with you showing how my son is obsessed with Lorrin’s picture! LOl! He jumped in my chair, put on my shades and proceeded to flip through the pages then back to the cover (100 times!), grinning from ear to ear, pointing & asking “dis one?” I answered, “her name is Lorrin” with which he gleefully replied “yesh! Worwen” like her name was in the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t remember…then more(: HuGe GrInS:)Thankfully he didn’t eat my chocolate ice cream that I feel compelled to eat wheneva I’m reading your book! (Yeah, ima blame that on you guys;) heh heh heh…*xx

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