A Unique Life Fully Lived

A Unique LIfe Fully LIvedA Unique Life Fully Lived

A Personal Journey of Love, Hope and Courage

I am very proud to announce the pre-order of my new book.

This book is about my daughter’s unique life. Lorrin was born in Newport Beach, California, March 15, 2994. At six weeks, Lorrin had an adverse reaction to her one and only DPT vaccination. Lorrin had a “hot’ lot.

Thirty kids reported seizures or worse and ten deaths surrounded that lot. The vaccine attacked her brain, leaving her with severe brain damage. Because of this damage, Lorrin had uncontrolled seizures her entire life. By the time Lorrin was five months old, three different Neurologists told me to go home and prepare for the worst. The doctors never had hope for Lorrin’s future. They suggested I get on with my life. Feeling abandoned by modern medicine I turned to alternative treatments and spiritual guidance.

Over the years I took Lorrin to prayer grouops and sweat lodges, healers and energy workers. I gave her drops and tinctures. Despite all our best efforts, she continued to have horrible episodes of uncontrolled seizures that would land us in the hospital for days.

It was during this time I realized that Lorrin did not come into this life to live in a healthy body. The only way I could really be a source of strength to Lorrin, was to change my emotions from sadness to acceptance. I had to let

go and allow Lorrin to do the work that she came here to complete. My efforts were put towards making her as comfortable as I could. I tried to focus on her greater purpose. Throughout her life, Lorrin projected a message of love, of peace, and of being one with God. She had overcome all of the predictions that the doctors had given her. She was a miracle. To her very last breath, Lorrin was brave and showed a sense of humor and courage that was unmatched. There is only love!!

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